It might look simple but walking is no piece of cake. Walking on a regular basis can do wonders to your body. From burning a crazy amount of calories to improving the blood circulation, walking is the absolute cure to your chronic heart conditions and obesity-related diseases.

American college of sports medicine recently released a research paper which suggested that walking 2,000 to 10,000 steps on a daily basis can lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders to about 10%. (Amazing? IKR!)

Doing at least a 1 to 1.5 hour of moderate pace exercise per week is recommended for burning calories by walking by the U.S department of health and human services.

How Many Calories Can You Burn By Walking?

So for your ease, we have outlined the caloric breakdown according to your weight and the intensity of your walking.

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For individuals weighing between 120-140 lbs

If You’re:

Walking at normal velocity (let’s just say around 3mph)

50 calories in 15 minutes

100 calories in 30 minutes

200 calories in 1 hour

Walking at Fast velocity (at 4-5 mph)

95 calories in 15 minutes

185 calories in 30 minutes

370 calories in 1 hour

Walking Up the hill (at 5 mph)

90 calories in 15 minutes

180 calories in 30 minutes

355 calories in 1 hour

Walking Up Stairs (at 3 mph)

120 calories in 15 minutes

240 calories in 30 minutes

275 calories in 1 hour

Walking Down the hill (at 2.5 mph)

40 calories in 15 minutes

85 calories in 30 minutes

165 calories in 1 hour

For individuals weighing between 140-160 lbs

If you’re:

Walking at normal velocity (at around 3 mph)

60 calories in 15 minutes

112 calories in 30 minutes

225 calories in 1 hour

Walking at Fast velocity (at 4-5 mph)

100 calories in 15 minutes

214 calories in 30 minutes

430 calories in 1 hour

Walking Up the hill (at 3.5 mph)

102 calories in 15 minutes

204 calories in 30 minutes

408 calories in 1 hour

Walking Up the stairs (at 3 mph)

130 calories in 15 minutes

275 calories in 30 minutes

545 calories in 1 hour

Walking Down the hill (at 2.5 mph)

50 calories in 15 minutes

95 calories in 30 minutes

190 calories in 1 hour

For individuals weighing between 160-180 pounds

If you’re:

Walking at normal velocity (at 3 mph)

65 calories in 15 minutes

127 calories in 30 minutes

255 calories in 1 hour

Walking at Fast velocity (at 4-5 mph)

120 calories in 15 minutes

245 calories in 30 minutes

485 calories in 1 hour

Walking Up the hill (at 3.5 mph)

115 calories in 15 minutes

230 calories in 30 minutes

465 calories in 1 hour

Walking Up the Stairs (at 3 mph)

155 calories in 15 minutes

310 calories in 30 minutes

620 calories in 1 hour

Walking Down the hill (at 2.5 mph)

54 calories in 15 minutes

110 calories in 30 minutes

215 calories in 1 hour

Still wanna add some surplus vigour?

To Burn Even More Calories While Walking…

The forth mentioned tips will take your walk to the higher gears if you want to be burning calories by walking.

  1. Adding weights

No matter if it’s on the ankles or hands, just add some weight to your body while walking and see yourself losing additional pounds with the same amount of effort.

  1. Attempt to walk up hills or stairs

Going against the gravity really pump up the circulation and leave you sweaty. Hence, helping to drop those extra pounds away. Walking up the stairs or a cliff will give you a boost and knock out your boredom too. You can also try alternating between slow and fast sessions of walking.

  1. Dare yourself

Thump your previous record of steps every new day. Challenging yourself is the best way of finding out your inner strength and pushing your limits.

  1. Targeted workouts in between

You must conduct site-specific exercises each day between your walks to shred overall weight. Do some squats, push-ups or planks halfway through your workout regime to give it a kick.

Alternatives to Burning Calories by Walking

If you don’t want to be burning calories by walking, you still have many more options available such as the elliptical trainer, rowing machine, recumbent bike, and upright stair stepper machines. Let’s discuss each of them one by one.

  • Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers are a perfect way to remove stress from your body. You can use the elliptical trainers without taking your feet off the machine and that’s where all the fun begin. These leg relaxers will keep your body moving, cutting down excessive weight and increasing endurance. Unlike walking where you have to be actively focused on where you step, elliptical trainers can be used even during desk work. Elliptical trainers are low-impact workouts but still effective for those who are not in mood for a run/jog outside.

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  • Rowing machine

Rowing machines are for upper body workouts. These indoor rowing machines aka rowers simulate the watercraft rowing experience, stretching your hands, shoulders, chest, and lats. Rowers have become an essential part of cardio workouts because they can instantly build your upper-body muscles. The term “indoor rower” also refers to a participant in this sport. Another reason to use the rowing machines is because they offer a more intense workout that increase user’s stamina at a much faster rate.

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  • Upright stationary bikes

Unlike outdoor riding, with an upright bike you can work out right at your home. These bikes impact your leg and lower body muscles including quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves. Upright bikes are built using the same thinking that outdoor bikes use so to ensure that you build the same muscles. As you will be keeping your body upright, you can also build the abdominal muscles. Even if you are not in mood to visit outdoors, you can easily charge yourself up on the upright stationary bike.

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  • Stair stepper machines

Stair steppers are also a great way to work out your lower body while staying at home, working on the desk, or even in office. These Stair-stepper machines offer complete work outs for those who are interested in lower body training including aerobic exercise. The best part is that you can get many more benefits of using the stair stepper machines – depending on its intensity, duration and frequency. If you want a stair stepper that you can use under the desk then it is better to get a mini stair stepper exercise machine. These type of exercise equipment help you develop cardiovascular fitness, improve the leg muscles and cut down on more calories easily.

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