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How Many Punches Are Landed in a Boxing Match

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Short answer: 6000 punches.

Boxers battle it out in the ring, landing punches on their opponent until one of them is knocked out or submits.

How many punches are actually landed in a boxing match, though?

Academic research has attempted to answer this question. Studies have shown that the average number of punches landed in a professional boxing match is around 6000. However, this number can vary significantly depending on the fighters’ styles and the amount of protection they’re wearing.

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Long answer:

Boxing requires a lot of punches every round, and occasionally a contest may explode in a rush of hits. Each boxing style and weight category has its own unique punch count.

But how many punches are landed in a boxing match? Heavyweight battles typically clock in at 30 punches each round or fewer, while lesser weight classes might see as many as 100 blows landed every round. If you take the midpoint of the range and multiply it by the number of rounds in a fight (12 in this case), you get 780 total punches (or 65 each round).

Of course, this is only an average statistic from all weight classes and all sorts of fights/fighters. Those variables may have a major impact on the statistics. For instance, a one-punch knockout artist like Deontay Wilder throws fewer blows than other heavyweights.

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He isn’t interested in scoring points or knocking his opponent out. He knows that he can put the other fighter away with only one clean shot, so he simply waits for the right chance and tries not to spend too much energy or expose himself.

Boxers like him don’t need to throw many punches to knock their opponent out, whereas other fighters, for example, Tyson Fury, who doesn’t have the one-punch knockout power, throw considerably more strikes, and his finishes are due to accumulative damage rather than strength.

Keep reading to see how many punches certain boxers often throw during a match.

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Heavy blows versus jabs

In boxing, the jab is the main event. Boxers seldom employ the weakest punch in their arsenals, even if it may inflict the most damage. The jab is used to gauge the range for the power hand, to build up combinations, to maintain distance, and to conceal movement. Because of this, the jab is also the most common punch in boxing. Some fighters may use jabs as often as they use big blows (hooks, rear hand straight punches, and uppercuts).

Some fighters, however, seldom use jabs. Southpaws, for instance, favor their left hand over their jab since the former has a clearer route to their opponents’ faces while the latter is more susceptible to being parried by the latter’s left hand. The frequency with which counterpunchers jab is reduced. They wait for you to throw the punch before they take any action to avoid it (slipping, dodging, etc.) and then counter with their own strike.

Therefore, those two kinds of boxers (together with the one-punch knockout artists) throw fewer punches overall than their opponents since they don’t jab as frequently.


From the battles as mentioned above, we may deduce that it is irrelevant whether or not a boxer lands more punches. Hatton defeated Tszyu despite landing fewer punches, while Vasquez triumphed over Marquez after suffering severe eye damage from a blow to the face.

No matter how many blows a boxer absorbs throughout his career, the winner will always be the fighter with the most effective punching approach. Heavy hitters will focus on power rather than speed, while lighter boxers like Pacquiao will become a blur of activity within the ring’s ropes.

Both strategies are equally likely to result in a decisive win in the ring, demonstrating just how complex boxing is as a sport.

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