Learn how much sand would you need to fill the base of a Wavemaster Century punching bag in detail in this article.

A standalone Century Wavemaster is simple to install, load, and move from one location to another. You can hit punches and kicks more effectively during a workout session if you use the appropriate fillable.

Short answer: Wavemaster punching bags take around 50 pounds of sand to fill completely.

A freestanding Century Wavemaster offers easy installing, loading, and moving from one place to another. With the right choice of fillable, you can land your punches and kicks more efficiently during a fitness session.  

Short Answer: Wavemaster punching bags require around 50 pounds of sand for complete filling of the bag.

Punching Bag Base: Sand or Water?

Sand and Water are some of the best and common fill materials for punching bags. Whether you choose sand or water to fill the punching base of Century Wavemaster, both fillings have individual pros and cons.

Water vs. Sand

For heavy punches, sand is a more feasible option, but it delays the moving process as the bag gets heavier after filling it with the weight of the sand. On the other hand, you can easily fill water provided that you’re not a heavy puncher. It offers easy moving without putting much effort into it. 

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Everything depends on your choice. Even if you choose to fill either one- water or sand for Wavemaster punching bags, you can remove or add weight whenever you want. The Wavemaster has a simple and accessible installation option, so you can experiment all you want. 

Wavemaster Punching Bag Filling Instructions

When filling your punching bag, you may need to follow proper instructions. If you don’t know how to fill the punching base of your Wavemaster punching bag, here are some quick steps to help you out.

Step 1- Put your Wavemaster punching bag in an easy position where there is more space so you can move it after filling it with either sand or water. 

Step 2- Find the cap on your bag’s core and unscrew it. Usually, the cap of this freestanding bag is available at the top of the base. 

Step 3– For water filling, find a hose sufficient in length to cover the distance between the water source and the bag. You can also move the bag to the nearest location of the water source. However, it will get difficult to move once you fill it with water. 

Step 4- Fill the bag with water and ensure the bag weighs enough to provide stability during your fitness session. Put the cap back on and replace the padded foam. 

Step 5- If you’re opting for a fillable like sand for Wavemaster punching bag, you may have to buy multiple sandbags to land durable kicks and punches. You’ll need a scoop and funnel to put the sand down the punching base. 

Step 6- After emptying one sandbag at a time, shake the base to make more room for another sandbag until there’s no more space left inside the bag. You can also use the hose to wash the sand and push it further inside the bag while getting the excess water out after you put the base tip over.

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How Much Sand for Wavemaster Punching Bag Base?

For a Wavemaster Punching Bag Base, you may need at least six bags- each weighing 50 pounds of sand to fill the punching base completely. After determining the pounds, you can scoop all the sand through a hose and wash it down. To fill the bag entirely, repeat the washing down process at least 20 times and ensure to tip the base over and drain all the water out. The sand-filling process can take an hour to fill all the 300 lbs. of sand inside the bag. 

To properly fill a WaveMaster Punching Bag Base, you may require at least six bags, each holding 50 pounds of sand.

Where to Buy Sand to Fill Wavemaster Punching Bag Base?

If you’re looking to buy sand for Wavemaster punching bags, you can get it from the leading online stores like Amazon. Brands like PlaySand also offer 50 pounds of sand in one bag, so you may need to order more bags to complete the filling process. Some users even recommend using playground sand to fill their bags. Hence, you can scroll through all these options and select the one you find the best for your training workout. 

That’s all you need to know about filling Wavemaster punching bags. If you have anything to add to this article, let us know in the comments below.

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