In this article, you will learn how to make a cheap homemade punching bag out of a pillowcase, rags and clothes, or sand while using a pillow cover or a duffel bag as the outer layer.

With the increasing popularity of punching bags, their prices have skyrocketed within a few months. However, due to their numerous advantages, it is worthwhile to have one at your place. Whether, it is for a workout session or to be used as a therapeutic punching bag, it is extremely beneficial.

In such a scenario, it would be economical to make a punching bag with pillows and some other household items that don’t inflate your budget.

To get started on how to make a punching bag with home supplies, you will need a number of items other than the pillows to make the home-made punching bags. The list of items needed is given below:

  • Pillow cases (Optional)
  • Pillows
  • Ropes
  • Sand/Sawdust (Optional)
  • Old Duffel bag or a similar one
  • Duct tape
  • Hanging hook
Homemade Punching Bag DIY Process
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Once you have all these items, get down to work immediately to build your first cheap homemade punching bag.

STEP 1: Turn the Duffel Bag Inside Out

To begin with, turn the duffel bag inside out and examine it thoroughly to see if all the seams are welted well. Make sure there are no weak spots.

STEP 2: Fill the Bag with Pillow or Clothes/Rags or Even Sand

After you are done with examining, start filling the homemade punching bag with pillows and other clothes or rags. Alternatively, you can fill the pillow cases with sand. Use duct tape to close the cases securely and place them evenly in the duffel bag. Try packing the contents as densely as possible. Compress the pillows by stamping on them. Ideally, you should keep on filling the bag until you are 12 inches from the top.

Ideally, people prefer to fill a punching bag with sand because it mimics the human body.

STEP 3: Tie a Rope to the top-end

Shake the duffel bag from side to side to even out the pillows. Once done, close the bag and tie the rope around it tightly. Make sure to loop the rope around the duffel bag a few times. Make three or four turns around the bag and secure it with a knot. Also, a part of rope should be left hanging to enable you to hang the punching bag.

STEP 4: Use duct tape to wrap the bag

Another important step is to use the duct tape and wrap it around the bag horizontally. To ensure that none of the contents of the punching bag are visible, wrap the duct tape in a way that the loops of tape are overlapping each other. Continue to do so, circling the top, middle and bottom, until fully covered.

STEP 5: Use the End Ropes to Hang

Now you are almost done. Just use the end of the ropes to hang the homemade punching bag to the hanging hook or any other suitable surface. Alternatively, you can use this as a standing punching bag by attaching it to a stand. There are many homemade heavy bag anchors available that you can use to keep the punching bag at one place. This will help reduce its movement and you can punch it with more strength.

Hang Homemade punching bag to the wall or ceiling


Use a Homemade Punching Bag Holder

There are many homemade punching bag holders that you can use to hang the punching bag. These can be affixed with the wall or can be bolted to the ceiling beam.

We have written extensively on this topic and found some exclusive homemade punching bag hangers that you can use.

Fillings for Homemade Punching Bag

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You can use pillow fillings for your punching bag. But for most fitness enthusiasts, pillow fillings are too light on the hands. So, here are a few alternatives of Home-made punching bag fillings:

Wood Dust for Homemade Boxing Slip Bag

Wood Dust are wood particles that generate when wood is cut. These are small fine particles and almost the same size as of sand particles. They are perfect for punching bags because they are small and hard. This means you can fill the punching bag with wood dust (sawdust) to make your punching bag stiff and taut.

Sand for Homemade Boxing Slip Bags

Sand is mostly used in punching bags because the particles are solid and don’t hurt the fingers while punching. Moreover, sand mimics closely the density of human skin. So, using sand for homemade punching bags is another great way to exercise punching.

Rags and Clothes

Rags and clothes are another way to fill a homemade punching bag. The rags and clothes are heavy and fill the punching bag completely. This means users won’t have to get wood dust or sand to fill the punching bags because rags are readily available.

Try a combo for Homemade Boxing Slip Bag?

Or, you can try a combo of two: rags and sand or wood dust and sand.

  • First add rags and clothes to fill the punching bag and then add sand or wood dust to inflate it further.
  • This will make the punching bag tough and sturdy.
  • Now it is ready for expert boxers.

That’s it. This is how to make a punching bag with home supplies. And, if you come across a problem, simply comment here.

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