5 Best Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hangers For Apartments

Heavy Bag Hangers for Wood Beams in Apartments Reviewed
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Punching bags are a great way of exercising your muscles and increasing your reflexes, while making you a boxer. But the only problem with them is that they can’t work without a hanger, they need to be hanged either to a wall, or to a ceiling or to a punching bag hanger. Speed and heavy punching bags have their own special hangers where they can be easily hanged. They are either hanged to the wall, or punching bag hangers, or with wooden beams. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best wood beam heavy bag hangers used for heavy punching bags.

Please note that this list is not in any particular order. We have select all the wood beam hangers based on the orders they received, their user ratings, and their uniquenesses.

List of Wood Beam Heavy Punching Bag Hangers

To help you get started fast with your punching bag routine, we are providing you a list of the best heavy punching bag wood beam hangers. So, without further ado, let’s see what these heavy bags have to offer and whether they are a good fit for your routine or not. First in our list of Wood Beam heavy bag hangers is…

  1. Firstlaw fitness Wood beam heavy bag hanger

FirstLaw Fitness Wood beam heavy bag hanger is one of the toughest bag hanger in our list. it can easily manage 300 kgs of weight, enough to take a 100kg boxer down. The beam hanger is rough and tough and perfect for taking more grilling.


Here are a few reasons you should get firstlaw wood beam heavy bag hanger for your punching bag if it is more than 100lbs.

  • The best and outclass wood beam heavy bag hanger which has set a tremendous example for its rivals.
  • The great heavy bag hanger bears the load up to 500lbs.
  • Its swivel rotates about 360°.
  • It is made of USA and by using high-quality material which ensures its durability and reliability.
  • It is not a tough task to assemble it or to mount it on wood beam.
  • All necessary hardware and accessories are included in the package for its mounting.

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  1. Everlast wood beam heavy bag hanger

Second we have wood beam heavy bag hangers. These wood beam bags are a perfect way to hang your punching bags if they are above the weight capacity of 80lbs. The everlast wood beam heavy bag hangers were specifically designed for everlast punching bags but they can be used with any bag of your choice.

But please note that this wood beam heavy bag is designed for speed punching bags so if you hang something that is above 100lbs, it won’t stand the weight.

  • Everlast is well-known for its such kind of things like heavy bags and all other accessories and products of this category.
  • The great advantage of Everlast’s wood beam heavy bag hanger is that it can be mounted with ceilings as well.
  • It provides so much ease in mounting it as each and everything includes in the package which it contains.
  • One of the best and high-quality enamel powder coating is used for this heavy bag hanger.

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  1. Yess4All Heavy duty heavy bag hanger

Yes4All features some of the best double end heavy bag hangers. These are made of solid steel and can lift weights up to 80 lbs easily. It also comes with chains so you can easily secure it to the punching bag without adding any extra ropes.

Yes4All heavy duty heavy bag hanger comes with all the nuts and bolts required to hang the punching bag securely to the beam.

  • The best quality wood beam heavy bag hanger which contains none of the fabric and offers boxing chains for the hanging of your heavy bag.
  • Its swivel is made of solid steel, so you don’t have to worry about its durability.
  • Double end heavy bags can also be mounted on this hanger.
  • The great thing about this hanger is that it enables four snap hooks to hang your heavy bag so that it may not fell down during training.
  • Nuts and bolts included for the installation.

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  1. MaxxMMA Wood beam heavy bag hanger with 360° Swivel

Next we have the MaxxMMA wood beam heavy bag hangers. The quality of these heavy bag hangers is that they have a 360 degree swivel, which means the bags can be pivoted without any effort. They also come with all the nuts and bolts required for installation.

MaxxMMA has built this bag to support wooden beams of any size. the hanger is of medium size and will easily support a bag upto 120lbs. However, to be careful, one shouldn’t put a bag more than 100lbs on it.

Users have reported that the wood beam hanger works as promised and can easily hold a bag of around 100lbs.

  • Such professional wood beam heavy bag hanger enables the load of 100pounds of heavy bag.
  • Its swivel is made to rotate at 360°.
  • It provides secured and reliable experience of training because of its heavy duty construction.
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  1. ComingFit Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

ComingFit offers a heavy bag hanger with a spring-loaded hook. It has a strong base that’s fixed to the ceiling with four screws instead of two, as we have observed with other heavy bags.

Rating comingfit is a bit difficult because it is a lot pricier than MaxxMMA boxing bag hanger, which offered a 360 degree swivel. The comingfit heavy bag hanger on the other hand is offering a ceiling hook that isn’t movable at all. But it looks strong because of the sturdy base with four screws.

Please Note: Not many users have used this heavy bag hanger, therefore we cannot report how well it works. We do know that it is usually packaged in an envelope instead of a box. This wasn’t expected of ComingFit sports accessories company.

  • NO matter what type of heavy bag training you are following, this heavy bag hanger is is well-suited for both wooden and cemented floors because of the four-screw swivel.
  • You can install this hanger on wooden beams and on concrete ceilings as well.
  • 4 shield anchors and 4 stainless screws are included in the package for installation.  

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FAQs About Punching Bag Beam Hangers

What to look for in a Punching bag Hanger?
Punching bag hangers that are attached to a beam should be powerful so that they can withstand the capacity of the punching bag.
Usually, the punching bags in apartments/homes are of 120lbs (70kgs). These need to be hanged to the top of the beam in order to punch them later. But these hangers need to be securely attached and bolted to the beams so that no unfortunate incident occurs.

So, while searching for a beam hanger for your punching bag, make sure you give importance to these points.
– Maximum Weight Lifting Capacity
What is the maximum weight lifting capacity of the beam hanger? It should be at least 250lbs even if you are hanging just a 120lbs punching bag. This is for two reasons:
May be you want to hang a new punching bag in near future. Or, may be 120lbs isn’t designed for 120lbs but for lower punching bags. In any case, you would want to be secure.
Some great punching bag hangers that you can buy are RDX hanger, Marathon swing hanger, and Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount.

Number of Nuts and Bolts:
Though it may sound weird, but the more bolts a punching bag hanger has, the more secure it will be. So, it is essential that the punching bag hanger has at least four nuts and bolts. There are many with two nuts and bolts but I don’t think they are suitable for a 120lbs punching bag.
You need to make sure that they are perfectly connected with the beam so you can punch them.
Some punching bag beam hangers come with a locking facility that keeps them secured while you punch such as Firstlaw Fitness I beam.

Installation Guide:
Does it come with an installation guide? In my own opinion, a good company will provide an installation guide with all fitness equipment. So, make sure that the company offers an installation guide for installing the punching bag beam hanger.
You can also ask in the questions and answers section on Amazon to know if installation guide is provided with the wood beam punching bag hangers or not.

Beam Type? Wood or Steel
What type of beam is installed in your house? In US, most houses have a wooden beam, so a wood beam punching bag hanger will easily get connected. But, if your house has a steel or iron beam, then you need to search for them online. On Amazon, you can buy steel beam hangers from Ringside, Firstlaw, and Everlast.

Beam Size
Beams are available in various sizes. A basic beam will have a 5-inch size. But it can go all the way to 6 or 7 inches. So, make sure to first measure the beam size in your home before ordering online. This will save you money and time.

Weather Proofing – Rust, Iron and so on.
Almost all punching bag beam hangers come with rust-proofing. But just to be sure, you can raise this question in the Q/A section of the product listing page of the store. A better way to know this is to read the reviews of users about the beam hanger for punching bag.

Design Safety
Do they offer safe design? There is no hard and fast rule about the design, but a good way to know if the design is safe is by finding out what metal type is used for the construction of the beam punching bag. Mostly, these hangers are made of stainless steel. But some are made of pure iron and they can catch rust. Again, you can ask this question from the supplier to make sure you are buying the best product.

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