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Even if you are not training for a competition, getting in shape should be your first priority. Why? Studies suggest fit people are more capable of achieving their goals in daily life, and getting the best free-standing punching bag for home gym is critical for that objective.

Traditional hanging bags are great for gyms, but they aren’t suitable for home gyms. That’s why buying a free standing heavy bag that doesn’t take more space and is sturdy enough to take a beating, will be a good idea.

There are a lot of standing punching bags in the market and that’s why it is hard to choose the right one. Below, we have reviewed some of the best standing punching bags, while listing their pros and cons, so that you can make an aware buying decision.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Home – Summary

We have summarized it all for you so if you are busy and short on time then don’t have to read it all. 

The features of the finest standing punching bags are available below. We have also provided the ratings so you can know immediately which one will best suit your needs.


Free Standing Punching Bags Ratings Features Prices
Century Wavemaster XXL Free Standing Punching Bag 5 star Best for upper and lower body Check Price
Century BOB Human-Torso free standing punching bag 4.5 star Human shape Check Price
Everlast Omniflex Standing Punching Bag 4 star Best for upper body Check price
Century Versys Fight Simulator VS1 Standing Punching Bag 4 star Light-weight Check price
Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag  4.5 star Ideal for Strength Training Check price


Best Free Standing Punching Bag for Professionals

Century Wavemaster XXL Free Standing Punching Bag – Best for all

The Wavemaster XXL Free Standing Heavy Bag is no doubt the top selling training bags in the market. The reason is simple, it provides more value than the money. How?

The bag doesn’t get toppled like many others in the market while getting heavy hits. Users have even reported that professionals can get training on this bag successfully. The bag is designed to be incredibly stable with a solid base. It keeps a balance when users hit it by punches and kicks.

Here is a video of the Wavemaster XXL free standing punching bag in action:


As you can see, the person in the video is hitting the wavemaster XXL bag pretty hard, but still the bag retained its position. You can strike the bag with powerful punches and kicks and not worry about it moving around too much.

Will it hurt your shins?

Another fear for many beginners is whether the punching bag hit their shins and knuckles when they hit it hard? Nope. Not the wavemaster XXL heavy duty bag. Fortunately, the producers knew about this problem and therefore have provided a form layer designed to absorb significant impact of strikes.

The foam is hard but smooth and impact-absorbing. You won’t face a problem while kicking or punching it.

The surface of the wavemaster XXL free standing punching bag is of vinyl and has a smooth and sturdy feel to it. The covers are also well-stitched, which is something you should consider when buying a new punching bag. The maximum weight supported, when filled with water, is 270 pounds. It has a height of 69 inches, and a diameter of 18 inches. The striking surface is 4/5 of the heavy duty bag’s surface, that’s ample space for kicking, hitting and punching the bag.

Due to its extra size, you as a user can practice everything from uppercuts to low kicks – just avoid hitting the base.

The XXL heavy duty bag has gathered a ton of great reviews and is one of the most versatile free standing heavy bags available for a decent price.

If you are looking for a premium standing heavy duty bag that can take care of your punching and kicking needs and is available in full-body shape, then nothing can beat Wavemaster XXL standing punching bag.

Read 100+ reviews of Wavemaster XXL on Amazon and see if you should buy it


Century BOB Human-Torso punching bag freestanding for Boxers

The bag is one of the most interesting ones you will find. IT is in the shape of a human torso and therefore you can practice hitting each area of the body. You will also get a feel of how hitting a particular area feels like. The bag has clear looking mid-section including chest, neck and head.

Unlike the other standing bags, you can practice targeting specific areas of the body. Want to hit the lower jaw? Just target the lower jaw with punches or kicks and you will be able to hit it like you are hitting an actual person. Want to strangle an opponent? Do it with Bob human torso heavy bag with complete precision.

There is however one deficiency that the bag is not as versatile as the other heavy duty bags, but still BOB training bag provides a pretty decent training material for both beginners as well as professionals.

>>> Check Out Century Bob Bag in Action

Let’s categorize the fighters into two groups:

Free-style fighters and martial artists

Free-style fighters will get more benefit from these standing punching bags but martials artists have a different training model, they are better with punching bags such as Wavemaster XXL heavy punching bags.

The BOB human shaped standing punching bag is made of durable foam and plastisol plastic. This makes it capable to handle hard punches and kicks.

You can strike the bag without gloves, but my suggestion is to use punching bag gloves because that way you want hurt your knuckles.

The bag is designed to accommodate seven different height levels. Its complete height is 60-78 inches. The bag is for realistic training and is designed to be for human height. The base can be filled with water or sand, whatever you like. Just like the Wavemaster XXL standing boxing bag, the BOB is designed to stay as an upright punching bag, even if hit with powerful blows.

For us, we rate it five-star because of the torso like feel for fighters. Nothing is better but practicing fighting with the punching bag of opponent’s shape.

The bag is currently available on Amazon. Users have rated it positively. Many have said that the bag is the best standing punching bag for taking out your frustration.

They have however pointed out that it is screwed to the base. So, those punching bag users, who are too powerful, will need to keep the hitting low. So that they do not damage the base unintentionally. Other than that Bob standing punching bag is a fair choice for beginners and mid-level users trying to practice with human-shaped punching bags.

Read 100+ reviews of Century BOB Heavy bag on Amazon and see if it is right for you


Everlast Omniflex Standing Punching Bag – Best for Upper body Workout

Everlast Omniflex Standing boxing bag is another popular fixated bag for practicing hitting and taking out your frustration.

The everlast everflex freestanding heavy punch bag is designed to be stable and sturdy. As we know, Everlast has been making sports equipment for quite a long time and it has pretty solid reviews in favor.

The bag sits on a long pole that jiggles when hit. It first moves away and then springs back towards you just like a pendulum. It is great for practicing and comes with extreme speed, timing, and accuracy.

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It is unique in design and makes handling punches, kicks and knees seamless. The base is pretty low and unlike other standing bags in the market, is great for practicing low kicks.

In tests, the base was found to be durable and sturdy while striking the bag. This means, when the bag is hit, the base stays in its position while the bag moves.

The Everflex Omniflex Standing punching bag is shock absorbing form material. It is made with a thick form and absorbs powerful blows. The bag’s layer is of custom nevatear design, which gives a premium leather feel.

The layer is designed to keep the bag from ripping apart or getting punctured on a forceful impact.

The specifications of the bag includes, 130 pounds base-fill. A stand of 67 inches with multiple settings.

The everflex omniflex standing bag is designed as a versatile object. It has considerably limited limitations. The only one I was able to find noteworthy is that this standing bag is smaller than most free standing punching bags in the market. But then that is also its positive aspect because less weight at the bottom gives it a bounce-back capability.

Overall, the bag is an excellent choice for fighters and martial artists who are looking to practice using a high-quality standing training bag.

Read 100+ reviews of Everlast Omniflex on Amazon and find out if it right for you


Best standing gym bags to buy online for women and girls - girl exercising on gym bag punching and hitting

Century Versys Fight Simulator VS1 Standing Punching Bag – For Beginners

The Century Versys fight simulator punching bag is from a new line of heavy duty punching bags that were released last year. Unlike the previous models, the Versys design includes complete versatility. Because of its unique design, it is great for both stand-up training and ground pound actions. This allows you to punch and kick the bag or apply your grappling techniques on it.

Unlike the previous heavy duty free standing heavy bags, the VS1 features low profile base that rises just a few inches above the ground. Because of this small base, the user gets a lot of striking surface. This reason also makes it a compelling bag for striking, punching hitting and for other all sorts of fighting practice reasons.

This also means that the bag is great for practicing striking low kicks to uppercut punches.

Includes two handles on top for grappling and martial arts

The bag has two handles on top of the bag that can be used for a variety of purposes such as martial art training, grappling and knee practice. The bag also includes two handles at the bottom but we don’t know what their purpose is.

However, these two handles can be used for crunches and sit ups while training.

The Versys bag weighs on 110 pounds. This means it tends to move much more than other bags. It is good for cardio, endurance training and for regular fitness training but it isn’t a great fit for professional martial artists because of its less weight. The bag can be knocked over by a powerful kick or a power shot. If you want to work on your power then we will recommend Wavemaster XXL standing punching bag.

Lighter than other bags

But then again, this bag is so light that you can easily use as a grappling dummy. The low weight makes it easy to toss the bag on the floor and practice ground striking. You can even throw the bag on the floor and use your elbows to kick it while staying in that position.


The bag can be filled with sand, water or wood dust. It comes pre-filled so you won’t have to worry about that. It is easy to move around. But please make sure to keep it in a cool and dry place after you are done with training.

Overall, I liked the VS1 Versys Fight Simulator bag. It is versatile, unique in design and extremely-light for training.

Who is it for?

The bag will suit those who are looking for something different and are tired of their routine training on punching bags.

Read 200+ reviews of Versys on Amazon and find out if it right for you

Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Dripex is another best free-standing punching bag for home. Despite not being widely known as Everlast or Wavemaster, it’s still a pretty decent choice for serious trainers to practice any kind of training. 

For starters, this heavy punch bag has the most feature-rich options. Its core encompasses a stainless-steel tube which makes it extremely durable. The stand is a bit shorter in height and surrounded by a thick 2mm PU leather, fabric buffers, and a layer of EPE foam.

These layers serve two purposes.

  • Less Distortion

Firstly, the multiple layers provide minimum distortion while punching the bag. The trainers can enjoy a sound-proof workout with a little or no noise at all.

  • Reduces the Impact of the Force

Secondly, when the trainer applies the force of a punch, the layers reduce the impact of the force resulting in no wrist strain even if the practice goes on for hours. 

Under the bag, there is an ABS Base Tank that also covers dual PVC shock absorbers with 4-springs to give it the right amount of recoil.

There are 12-suction cups under the bag that are filled with sand for additional stability. These suction cups keep the bag grounded and restrict any movements of the bag. They even provide assurance during intense training. 

The height of the standing bag is 69 inches. It is an ideal option for heavy training if only you require something a bit shorter in height. It’s less heavy when filled and made from high-quality material. 

The best features of this standing punch bag include 4-layered striking, 12-suction cups, the right amount of recoil for agility drills, and the free-standing reflex bag. 

Overall, the Dripex Freestanding bag is an ultimate choice as it has a variety of drills and can be used in homes in particular. 

So, if you’re looking for a stable punching bag that is great for strength training or any kind of training, the Dripex Adult Punching Bag will probably be one of the finest on your list of choices. 

Buy Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

Free Standing Punching Bags




Century Wavemaster XXL Free Standing Punching Bag 5 star Best for upper and lower body Check Price
Century BOB Human-Torso free standing punching bag 4.5 star Human shape Check Price
Everlast Omniflex Standing Punching Bag 4 star Best for upper body Check price
Century Versys Fight Simulator VS1 Standing Punching Bag 4 star Light-weight Check price
Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag  4.5 star Ideal for Strength Training Check price

Wrapping Up

Our list continues to achieve reviews for the best free standing punching bags for home. Currently, these heavy standing bags hit the highest on our chart list as they are extremely durable and flexible for home trainers. 

Let us know which one tops your list of free standing punching bags in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello, great article! I want to ask you a question about the Wavemaster. I recently read this review article fightbest.com/best-free-standing-punching-bag where they review the normal Wavemaster not the XXL one. What do you think it will be best suited for me? I’m a beginner but i don’t want to get a free standing punching bag that gets knock down easily – i want it to be stable. I will appreciate if you give me an opinion on this.
    Thank you!


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