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How to Fix Sinking Heavy Punching Bag Fillings?

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One major problem with most punching bags is that after sometime the bag’s filling starts to sink to the bottom of the surface. This makes the bottom hard, which isn’t suitable for kicks or punches. Moreover, it also leaves the top of the punching bag hollow.

Working out with such a bag is annoying and unbearable. It can also be dangerous if you hit the bottom with excess force. The bag can lead to more impact on the finger and hand muscles and can also damage the wrist joint.

In short, it can have an adverse effect that can be horrendous for your health. So, in such a case, what is the best way to start punching?

The answer is simple, it depends on how fast the filling sinks.

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How Fast Does the Punching Bag Filling Sink?

Usually, the rugs and clothes sink to the bottom at a fast rate. They settle at the bottom of the punching bag making it as hard as a brick. On the other hand, foams can take at least six month to an year to sink to the bottom. But you can’t just use foam within your punching bag because that will make it lightweight, killing the fun of punching bag boxing.

In my own tests, these are the punching bag filling rates.

  • Sand: Settles in two to three months on heavy usage
  • Wood dust: Settles in two to three months on heavy usage
  • Clothes and Rugs: Settles in six months on heavy usage
  • Foam: Settles to bottom in an year or two on heavy usage
  • Water: Never settles

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Getting Rid of Sinking Punching Bag Fillings

Use a combo of two. For example, if you are using a punching bag with sand filling, then add simply add foam and clothes to it to keep the material in proper shape for a long period of time.

When I first started punching bag boxing, I bought a 50lbs punching bag. I filled the bag with sand and used it for a few months. Then I put it away for some period of time. When I again started punching, all the sand had settled to the bottom and it was too hard to punch.

I then had to turn it over and hit it from all sides just to loosen up the cornered sand. This made it come back to its original shape for some time. But then again after a few months the same thing happened.

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The Solution of Saggy Punching Bags

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I refilled the punching bag with sand at the bottom, foam cuttings in the middle, then more sand, then more foam, and so on.

The idea was to keep the punching bag in its original shape for as long as possible. I used the foam from an old mattress and it worked quite well.

You can use mattress foam, wool, Styrofoam, or clothes as a replacement to this. Use them in layers with sand or wood dust. You can even put them in packets so they don’t break or move away from the original position.

At Punching Bag Guide, they also tested the same idea with foam at the bottom. According to the author, “I put a lot of foam to the bottom to avoid sinking. Since, the foam is flexible the weight of clothes above press it down, so the bottom will not be soft, but does not allow the textile to be compressed.

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Then, I put one layer fabric, one layer pieces of foam until I reached the top.”

Just be sure to fill the punching bag’s body to the brim by applying pressure.

This filling is working well for me so far. I could further tweak the hardness to by refilling only a few parts of the bag.

The refreshing news is that the hardness from the top to the bottom of the bag are now at same levels, making the punching bag boxing workout more enjoyable.

What if heavy bag is settled at the bottom? 

If the heavy bag is settled at the bottom, it can cause the bag to become off-balance and harder to hit. It is important to check the bag regularly to ensure it is properly hung and that it is not settling at the bottom. (Source)

Additionally, the flooring should be checked for any damage which can be caused due to the impact of the heavy bag. It is recommended to use a shock-absorbing flooring such as rubber mats or martial arts mats to reduce the impact and protect the bag and the floor from potential damage. Lastly, the bag should be regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear, and any necessary repairs should be made to ensure the bag is safe to use.

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