7 Common Punching Bag Problems You Must Know About

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Punching bags are one of the best ways to improve your boxing practice. They act just like an opponent that you can punch all the way until you are tired. They are also great for punching drills because you can jab, jab, and hook the punching bag all you want without damaging either your own self or someone else. While they are a perfect equipment for home gym fitness and workouts, punching bags can become obtrusive sometimes. In this post, we will discuss common beginner punching bag problems and their solutions so that you can easily fix them by yourself.

Let’s get started.

Punching Bag Hanging Problems

Yes. I personally have experienced and many others have reported that punching bags have hanging problems. You can’t hang them to the ceiling in apartments because that can damage the roof. Similarly, they are too noisy and can disturb your neighbors if you live in an apartment.

We will discuss these problems and provide solutions to help you better manage the situation and practice in the same way.

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Hanging a Punching Bag is a Nightmare

What punching bag should you choose? Does it come with clips and hangers? How can you hang a punching bag so that it doesn’t causes any problems?

Hanging a punching bag is fun. We have already written a detailed post on how to hang a punching bag without drilling.

But you can easily get swivels and chains for hanging the punching bag. If you don’t have a punching bag hook it can be easily bought as well. Many online websites including Amazon sell punching bag hooks and swivels.


Get a swivel for hanging the punching bag. It will work perfectly. However, if you don’t have hooks available, then it is better to buy a punching bag tower.

You can also hang the punching bag with a wall hook. The wall hook will only hold punching bags up to a certain weight limit. So make sure to read the weight limits before you buy a punching bag.

Creates Too Much Noise

Another problem with punching bags is that they create too much noise. We all know that punching bags can become a pain if one person is sleeping in a room and another person is hitting the punching bag with all might in the next room. This happens in almost all houses with punching bags. So, what is the solution to punching bag noise problem?


  1. Tape the chains

One way to reduce noise while punching the bag is to tape the chains. The lesser they move the less noise they create. But it can also restrict your movement while punching.

  1. Add weights to Punching bag tower

You can add sand bags to reduce noise that punching bag towers make when you work out. This noise can also become problem for your neighbors and your roommates.

  1. Keep the punching bag in a corner

When you keep the punching bag in a corner it won’t move much. The less it moves the less noise it makes. But the drawback of doing this is that you won’t be moving either. This means you can’t focus on your footwork and reflexes. This is another punching bag problem people face. However, if you have a speed bag in place, then you can use that to improve your footwork and reflexes.

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Punching bag damages the ceiling

We have already discussed how punching bags can damage the ceilings in small apartments and houses. This is a common problem and the solution is to hang the punching bag in the hook provided for the fan.

Every room has a hook from the beam. This hook is in the center of the room and is used for hang the fan. If you have a medium sized punching bag, then you can use that to reduce damage to the ceiling.

Punching Bag Joint Problem

Can punching bags impact your joints? There have been many researches and most people have said that the punching bags can literally hands. But is that actually true?

In fact, we discussed the same problem on Quora and other forums. Here are some results that we received.

Sherdog forum user:

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Learn to wrap your hands correctly, use appropriate gloves and you’ll be good as gold. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that coincides with old age, and is something you shouldn’t worry about unless you continually fracture your hands.

Martial Arts Stack Exchange User

Firstly, stress itself can cause fractures even if your technique’s ok – it’s a huge shock to the body to go from nothing to punching as hard as you can in a month or three. So, ease into it… back off now while you’re sore, then try to find a gradual increase of intensity that doesn’t crosses the line to regular discomfort or injury.

For wrists, I recommend trying to improve the stabilizing muscles in the wrist that prevent the wrist bending when you hit something… one good way to do so is to get in a push up position (doesn’t matter if the body’s just off the floor or all the way up) while only the last centimeter or so of your index and middle finger knuckles are supporting your weight – do not let the joins near the middle of your fingers touch the floor.

Bodybuilding Forum User:

“A honeycomb look about them and when punching on hard objects like a heavy bag that u crush those little honeycombs inside your bone, BUT the good news is that when they build back up they build back stronger and ready for even more punishment then before.”

I’ve read this also.

You need to warm up before going all out, it’s important to protect your wrists from sprains. You could also tape your wrists or use gloves with wrist supports. The speed bag is a killer work out, if you want to burn some calories.


Yes, joint pain can occur. It can also become chronic if you are not too careful. But the good thing is that it doesn’t happen to every one of us. Some people have a high density bone and they can take more impact. For those who have a low intensity bone, they can use gloves and wrist wraps to protect their wrists while workout with the punching bags. This will ensure that you punching bag problems are solved once and for all.

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Punching Bag Workout Drawbacks

In this section, we will discuss some drawbacks of using a punching bag. These are not heavy punching bag problems, but some causes of using the punching bag for workouts. Let’s see how they are a disadvantage for us.

Reduces your distance control

Punching bags can reduce your distance control. Most people who punch the bag don’t move with it because the to and fro movement of the boxing bag is too obvious. They know for certain that the punching bag will come back and they stay in their position. While this is good for a quality workout but it doesn’t improve the footwork or the distance coordination of the boxer.


Move with the punching bag. If it is getting far from you, move ahead and punch it. If it is coming towards you, get back and punch it. You need to understand the rhythm of the punching bag and dance with it. Mimic the to and fro motion and soon you will be moving with the bag. This movement will not only improve the leg work, but also your reflexes while punching.

Can’t Do Upper Cuts

Yes that is another problem. While you can do jabs and hooks, you can’t do upper cuts on a punching bag. This is because the surface of the bag is straight and doesn’t have any bumps to land upper cuts on.


Get punching mitts for upper cuts practice. Ask a partner to hold the punching mitts in front of you so that you can practice throwing upper cuts and lower cuts. This will improve your coordination and make you well versed in throwing combination of punches.

Read about the complete routine of punching bag workout for beginners

Getting Too Comfortable, Too Soon

Another problem with punching bag is that people become too comfortable with it too soon. This is bad in the long term when they have to actually fight with a real person. A punching bag only goes to and fro while in a real fight you get punches from any side and without wait.


Get a speed punching bag for workout. It is fast and it will improve your reflexes. You can first do workout on the punching bag and then go for a second round on speed punching bag.

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With all these problems, are punching bags good for you?

Heavy punching bags have their pros and cons. They may not be the best for speed workouts but they are still highly effective in improving your workout routine.

The best way to tackle with these heavy punching bag problems is to keep yourself in check and get a multi variety boxing equipment including speed punching bag, heavy punching bag, and boxing mitts.



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