Best Heavy Duty Punching Bags – Reviews and Buyers Guide

best boxing and punching bag reviews and buyers guide
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Looking for a punching bag to train, or to remove frustration, or just for fun? Heavy duty punching bags are of multiple types.

Best heavy Punching bags and GLoves Reviews and buyers guideThey vary on prices, material and even sizes. It is best to buy a quality boxing bag that helps you with your purpose. We have provided a list of top quality kick boxing bags that can take a punch and not get ruined.


Summary: Best Heavy Duty Punching Bags and Prices:

Product Rating Price
Everlast 80 lb Omni Strike Heavy Bag 4.6/5 Check price
Outslayer 80 lb Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA 4.7/5 Check price
Lastworld New Heavy Duty Punching Bag 4.5/5 Check price
Outslayer heavy duty boxing bag 100lbs 5-May Check price
Everlast 70 lb MMA Heavy Duty Bag Kit 4.5/5 Check price
Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Heavy Bag 4.7/5 Check price

Types of Heavy Duty Punching Bags:

Punching bags are of many types. Ranging from basic ones that are filled with sand to those that are filled with solid material. They come in various sizes. For home gyms, users prefer to use punching bags of regular quality. They are either made of military clothing or durable plastic. In both cases, the end purpose is durability and sturdiness.

These bags are used for kick boxing, boxing, Karata and other self-defense sports. But now as more people are working long hours in office, they have started to buy these punching bags for their homes. Most home-gym punching bags are of polythene plastic that doesn’t hurt the hands when they hit it. In the previous military clothing bag, if the users hit the bags without wearing gloves, their hands were bruised. But now as the material has softened, this is not the case anymore.

Material of Heavy Duty Punching Bags

Sand, wood resins and even stones. These are some of the materials used in filling punching bags.

Sand made heavy duty punching bags:

Most people prefer sand made punching bags because sad isn’t bad for the lungs. The bags are of course of high quality so there isn’t much fear of leakage but still caution is better than cure. The home-gyms are mostly made of sand.

Wood-residue filled gym boxing bags:

Then we have the wood-residue filled punching bags. In most martial art clubs we have visited, the wood-residue filled gym bags are preferred. The reasons is, wood-residue is low in cost in comparison with sand made bags. The punching bags’ outer, in both the cases, is same i.e. polythene plastic, military clothing or leather.

Everlast 80 lb Omni Strike Heavy Bag – Most Affordable

Everlast is one of the most famous sports goods makers in the world. The Everlast 80lb heavy punching & boxing bag by the company is made of synthetic leather and a C3 foam wraps its bottom panel, to prevent damage to the bag by low-kicks.

Most kick-boxing gyms have this double-coated kick-boxing and punching bag because it is proven for its reputation. The punching bag is one of the most attractive bags in our list as well. It has adjustable chain and straps on both sides for support and lifting.

We love the overall design; it is certainly superb, but that is something obvious coming from the top quality sports goods’ makers.

Uses of Everlast Omni Strike Punching Bag:

You can use this punching bag for punching, kicking or even tackling with shoulders to make them stronger. The bag is small at around 3-4 feet and can easily fit your home or office. It is great for beginners because of its unique size and beginner-friendly out layers. Even, aged users can use this bag for regular exercises.


  • Super quality material used
  • C3 form for feet protection from bruises
  • Straps on both ends for lifting the bag

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Outslayer 80lbs – Best Heavy Duty Punching Bag for MMA

We have Outslayer 80lb punching bag next in our list. This superb quality boxing and MMA bag is worth its price because it has a smooth exterior cover that protects your hands and feet from bruises, a solid black color that looks good while taking on punches – though you can buy it in multiple other colors such as yellow, blue, pink, purple and brown, and a D-ring for support. It is shipped filled with heavy-duty reusable vinyl cover.

The bag has a 10 year warranty and has capacity for 300lb weight. It can be filled with rock, sand and wood-residue.

Outslayer 80lb Heavy Duty Boxing Bag uses

The boxing and punching bag makers have provided a 10 year old warranty for this product, which is indeed inspiring. This means the makers have trust in their product that it will last that long. The outslayer 80lb punching bag is perfect for pros and amateurs alike. It is a little big in size than the Everlast 80lb boxing bag so do measure the space in your house before ordering it. It will perfectly fit in gyms and outdoors.


Made of study material

Comes with a 10 year warranty

Includes a D-ring for support


A little bigger in size than Everlast punching bag, may not fit in all home-gyms.

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Lastworld New Heavy Duty Punching Bag

Don’t favor the new plastic material, this military-cloth made heavy duty punching bag might be for you. Made by Lastworld, an underdog in sports industry, it is a 50inch long bag with chains and 18inch wide. The bag is of substantial built and can be filled with cotton, sand, wood-residue or even old clothes. Due to its small size you can fit it in all places such as home, office or even in a temporary gym.

The shipping weight of this bag is 3.1lbs.

Uses of Lastworld New heavy Duty Boxing Bag

We have heard some decent reviews about this bag and its durability. Many have said the bag is still good as new after months of usage, which means it is worth the price.

If you are looking for a home-gym punching bag, then this might be the perfect choice for you. It is a great way to lose weight and kill frustration.


Affordable price

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Can fill anything in it such as wood-residue, sand and even clothes


Doesn’t have a long-term warranty period like Outslayer punching bag

Buy Lastworld Punching Bag on Amazon

Outslayer Boxing MMA 100 lbs Heavy Duty Bag – Filled

Next in our list is the Outslayer MMA & Boxing 100lb bag. The best thing about this bag is that it comes filled with heavy duty vinyl cover that can be reused. The bag is 55inches in height and is 61inches with straps. It has a material filling capacity of 300lbs. The straps are already sewn in the bag, so no chains are needed for its support. The company will provide a D-ring for free if that is needed. The bag is available in multiple colors including red, blue, light blue, orange, yellow and many more.

This monster punching bag is tough as a brick and will last years to come thanks to the 10-year warranty provided by the makers. Seriously, they have put their whole trust in it.

Outslayer heavy duty boxing bag 100lbs Usage:

The bag is perfect for all types of users but it is best for martial artists, MMA fighters and professional boxers, who love to tear things apart. This punching bag promises to be a challenge for them.


  • 100lbs professional boxing and punching bag
  • Best for MMA fighters and martial artists
  • Straps are sewn in the bag, no chains needed

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Everlast 70lbs Heavy Duty Bag Kit – Best Punching Bag for Boxing

Just started boxing? Everlast 70lb MMA heavy bag kit is targeted towards beginners. The bag is shipped filled with synthetic fiber that’s usable. Users can also add sand if needed be. The bag has adjustable straps but it also comes with support chains and a bungee cord. It is 41inches in height and 12inches in width.

Uses of Everlast 70lb heavy duty punching bag:

The bag is one of the most used home-gym bags because of its high quality fabric. The everlast company is known for its quality bags so this one won’t be a disappointment either.

Whether you are buying it for a home-gym, a fighting club or a regular fitness gym, this bag will serves its purpose for a long-time without breaking.

In fact, if the heavy duty punching bag is damaged before the warranty period, just call everlast for a replacement.

Buy Everlast Heavy Duty Bag on Amazon

Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Heavy Bag

If you want water-filled punching bags then using the Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Heavy Bag should be your first choice. Why? Most MMA fighters prefer punching bags that can easily be filled with water because they do not involve much technicalities and are easier to fill.

Second thing to note is that sand isn’t available at all places.

The tidal wave hydrocore is a great punching bag that provides realistic feel and makes you feel like you are fighting a real opponent. It is made of durable vinyl and doesn’t cause fatigue like most other traditional bags do.

The punching bag is hangs low and uses chains instead of straps. The century heavy bag manufacturer has been making bags for quite a long time. That’s why there products are rated some of the finest in the world. They are known for martial arts bags, punching bags and heavy gym bags.

Their products authenticity can be found out by their products that are better in quality and are made with the finest materials available.


Century tidal wave hydrocore heavy bag is available in multiple sizes (large and extra-large) depending upon your preferences.

The extra-large bag is about five inches tall and has a height of 64 inches. It has a filling diameter of 14 inches as well.

The large bag has a diameter of 13.5 inches while a height of 42 inches.


  • Hydrocore bag is available in multiple weight quantities
  • The heavy bag is available in black and yellow designs
  • It is made of durable vinyl outer shell.
  • Century’s standard warranty applies on this heavy punching bag
  • It includes chains as well.
  • The boxing bag is available with instructional materials and hard plastic lid


  • The heavy boxing bag can easily be filled with water
  • It comes with a D ring
  • It doesn’t cause fatigue like other traditional heavy bags
  • It is light without water so easier to carry places
  • It is more than 6 feet in height

Buy Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore heavy Bag

 Which is the best punching bag should you buy?

In our case, the best punching bag is the Everlast 80lbs boxing bag. The reason is that it is a regular punching bag that can fit in all places, whether your home, office or gym. Similarly, it is more reliable than the rest.

You can also get Outslayer punching bag of 80lbs as well because it offers better warranty than all.

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