Punching Bag Outdoor Protection – How to Do It?

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Learn everything about Punching bag outdoor protection and waterproofing in this article.

If you are working out outdoors then you need a punching bag that can withstand the outdoor environment. The weather indoors is way different from outdoors, the air is harsh, sun rays are bitter, and rain doesn’t give a second thought to leather or vinyl. With that said, it is your responsibility to keep the bag safe from moist weather and unforgiving sunlight.

Should You Protect Your Punching Bag Outdoors?

Yes! A punching bag costs around a $100 or even more. Why waste such money if you are not going to keep it for at least a few years.

If you are putting your punching bag outdoor, you should keep an outdoor protection sheet on top of it that can keep the inner fabric of the punching bag save from rain, environment, dust, and other things that can damage a punching bag in the outdoors.

If the bag is under a shed, you won’t need to water proof the punching bag because it is not going to be hit directly by rain. If it is out of a shed, and directly under the sun, then you will need to water proof it as well as sun proof it.

How to Do Outdoor Heavy Bag Protection?

The type of water proofing you require for your bag depends on certain conditions, such as the quality of stitching, the outer layer of the punching bag, and the overall make.

If the stitching is not enough then you need double stitching on your bag. The stitching can become a huge issue and can even damp your punching bag during rainy season. In such a case, the damped foam or wool will become hard and not suitable for punching.

Punching bag cover, waterproof outdoor/ indoor cover for ...Why Not Just Get Punching Bag Protection Bag?

No one wants to damage their punching bag. But when people have small homes, their isn’t much space available to place a punching bag inside. That’s where punching bag covers come in handy.

Seven Benefits of Everlast Punching Bags for Beginners


What is the Cost of Outdoor Punching Bag Stand?

This punching bag stand won’t cost you more than $20. You should have a drill machine though. If you don’t have a drill machine, you can borrow one. If you are using a tree branch as your backyard punching bag stand, then that won’t cost you a dime.

What Materials Do You Need for Punching Bag Rain Protection?

List of materials that can help you protect your punching bag from rain, sun, and damage. See the complete list for punching bag outdoor protection.

Get plastic cover for outdoor heavy bag

You can get also get a plastic cover for punching bag. There are many available in the market. You can get a good plastic bag cover from Amazon. The cover should be placed on the outer layer of the punching bag so that when you are using it inside the house/gym you can easily use it.

Can parachute punching bag cover protect It from rain?

You can also use a parachute or a tent cover for your punching bag. These are not available separately but you can easily get them from a survival gear shop. They are long so you will need to cut them and then stitch in the form of a punching bag cover. The parachute cover for punching bags should be removed when you workout. Otherwise, they will cause slipperiness.

Get an Outdoor Heavy Bag Cover

There are many other official punching bag rain protection covers available such as the water proof cover from century. You can also get these. But in my own opinion they are available for a high cost, so not suitable for outside protection.

How to Protect Your Punching Bag in Outdoors Under Sun?

If you have a leather punching bag, then you will need sun protection because hot sun rays can burn the leather exterior making leather weak and unusable. However, if you are using vinyl cover, then you don’t have to worry about sun rays protection because vinyl is known for withstanding sun rays and humid weather.

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There are also some bag covers available on Etsy like the punching bag made of cordura fabric that can help you with punching bag outdoor protection

Takeaway: Take Your Outdoor Punching Bag Inside

One way to keep your punching bag dry and safe for workouts is to unhang the punching bag once you are done and keep it somewhere dry and safe.
The punching bags are great but there are a few things that worries people such as how to hang and unhang the punching bag every-time.

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Use Old Tires for Punching bag Workout

One great idea about punching bag protection from rain and sun is to keep the old tires somewhere else.
Similarly, you can use local tractor tires or road type. Both have the same impact of a punching bag. In fact, some children will love the tire punching bags. These tire punching bags don’t even require extra help or assistance.

These are two ways in which you can easily save your punching bag from rain and sun rays.

Punching bag cover Cordura fabric waterproof outdoor/ indoor | Etsy

Buy a cover for punching bag

Outdoor Punching Bag Protection: Rain and Water Resistance

The Outdoor Waterproof Punching Bag Cover is perfect for all those that have an open house gymnasium. With the waterproof cover they can protect the outer layer of the punching bag from environmental errors.

For example, let’s say you gym is in a play ground. You can add this cover to your punching bag right after you workout so that it remains safe and doesn’t excessively degrade with time.

The waterproof punching bag cover can also keep the punching bag safe during rain and stormy weather. If you don’t have the time to take out punching bag after workout, simply put this water proof rain cover on top of it and it will stay safe. You will not even have to worry about removing the cover when it rains.

Punching bag cover, waterproof outdoor/ indoor cover for ...Why Not Just Get Punching Bag Protection Bag?

It is available for around $50, which in my opinion is a bit high. But users have said that it is perfect for outside weather. It keeps the punching bag protected from sun rays and rain, both at the same time.

That’s all there is to know about punching bag outdoor protection from sun and rain. Now let’s learn about outdoor punching bag stands that you can DIY yourself.

Creating a Water Resistant Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand

So, the biggest question will be: Where to hand your outdoor heavy bag? The problem is that you can’t use a railing or the wall ceiling to punch a hole and hang your punching bag. This is where makeshift ourdoor heavy bag stands come in.

Five Best Custom Punching Bags with Human Faces

Best Things To Use: Punching Bag Outdoor Protection

  1. A tree branch: If you have a tree branch. Simple sharpen it and use it as a hook for your punching bag. A tree branch can easily hold over 300 lbs of weight if it is a strong one. So, you won’t have to worry about it getting torn apart. Just make sure to use a good rope and a carabiner so the friction doesn’t break the rope
  2. A pole: You can also use a pole for your outdoor heavy bag stand. Just make sure that it is NOT AN ELECTRIC OR WIRED POLE. The pole should be made specifically for hanging punching bag. It should be think – at least three inches thick in diameter and should have a hook at seven feet for handing the punching bag.
  3. Wall hook: You can also use a wall hook to create a outdoor heavy bag stand with homemade material. Usually the wall hook should carry at least 250lbs of weight. You will have to drill four holes in the wall at six feet and seven feet and then use a carabiner with rope to fix your punching bag to the wall hook.

Bareknuckle Sparing On The Heavy Bag - YouTube

Source: YouTube video

These are three of the best ways to make your own outdoor heavy bag stand with reusable materials available in your house. Of course you can buy an outdoor punching bag stand but that will cost you a lot.

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Where to Get a Punching Bag Replacement Cover?

You can get your punching bag replacement cover from Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, or even a local sports shop in your area. Amazon is one of the best place for getting punching bag replacement covers because they are cheaper. You can even install plugins like Keepa to track pricing information for punching bag replacement covers.

That being said, we hope you liked our article on replacement covers for punching bags. Let us know if you have any thing to share about punching bag replacement covers


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