Getting a Century Hanging Punching Bag should be on top of your list if you like fighting and want to stay in great shape. Not everyone can go to gym because of limited time but working out with a hanging punching bag at home can be done easily. There are many heavy bag boxing programs out there some take only a couple of minutes of your time.

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But choosing which bag to choose for your boxing expeditions is hard and that’s why we made a list of the top ones. Now easily get a century mma punching bag for your home and improve your posture.

List of Century Hanging Punching Bags

Here is a list of the top selling century heavy bags that you can get for your house today.

Century Punching Bags Rating Price Reason
Century Original Wavemaster Training Bag 5 Star Price One of the best bag in the market
Century Aerobic Punching Bag 4 Star Price Long and not used by many people
Century Hydrocore Heavy Bag 5 Star Price Water bag – one of a kind
XXL Century Wavemaster Training Bag 5 Star Price Best extra large heavy punching bag
Century MMA Training Bags for Kids 4 Star Price Good bag but only for kids


Century Original Wavemaster Training Bag for MMA Fighters

Century is not for everyone. Those who have a wide area in their house or a large space in their garage can keep it. The century wavemaster training bag is made for martial artists and MMA fighters. So, those who need an MMA standing punching bag, then this one is for you.

Key Points:

  • An adjustable MMA training bag that offers seven height adjustment options.
  • It weighs 250 lbs approximately when filled giving you a great workout and a tough contender.
  • It offers optimal resistance and rapid rebound. One can get amazing workout or training experience.
  • It is available in multiple colors – choose one at your will
  • One can fill its base with sand or water.
  • Training bag has a round base making it easier to roll on the ground.


Century Aerobic Punching Bag

A large punching bag with small bag, presenting to you Century Aerobic punching bag. It is great for any type of workouts but most users get it for their homes because of its large size and small base area it is perfect for kids and adults alike. The bag is easily around six foot high and the base is 1.5 foot.

You can transfer it from one place to another by rolling. It can be filled with sand or wood dust as per your preference.

Key Points of Century Hanging Punching Bags

  • A great Century punching bag which is 56 inches high and great for kids and adults alike.
  • You can also fill it with water if needed
  • A great bag that can be kicked and punched.
  • Most users are using it for mma and krav maga practice
  • It is one of the bestselling long punching bags by Century
  • High-quality and durable vinyl cover is used.
  • It is available in three colors as well

Century Hydrocore Heavy Bag

Century Hydrocore is a water filled heavy punching bag that feels like a stomach when hit. It is great for practicing mma and kick boxing moves on something that closely resembles the human skin.

The hydrocore bag has garnered a set of high quality reviews on Amazon and is a much sought gift for adults and kids alike.

  • High-quality punching bag for training and workout.
  • It is extra large in size and can be hanged from the ceiling of a 14 feet high room as well
  • The durable vinyl cover is made for this Hydrocore heavy bag so it doesn’t tear easily

XXL Century Wavemaster Training Bag

Anyone who has not used Century Wavemaster training bag can’t actually know what it looks like to kick or punch this bag. You will instantly fall in love because of its rugged texture, robustness, and solid feel. The bag can be either filled with water or sand depending on your choice. If you don’t have a workout partner this bag can become one for you.

It is almost six foot high and is the largest punching bag you will find in the market. Century has made this one especially for expert trainers but because of its small price point anyone who is truly interested in punching sports will find it easier to adopt.

  • A versatile training bag which can be used as a punching bag and for the practice of martial arts as well.
  • The high-quality striking surface is provided by this training bag which enables ease of training or workout.
  • The weight distribution of this bag is absolutely amazing.
  • It has a diameter of 18 inches and is 69 inches taller.
  • 270 pounds in total, great for all kinds of workouts
  • Noiseless on carpets and mats

Century MMA Training Bags for Kids

Heavy bags are hard for kids that’s why Century has made this MMA punching bag for kids. The bag is made with reinforced vinyl. The bag comes with a glove-set for punching it.

It can be used for children of age six and above. Easily hang it to the ceiling, or to a wall using punching bag wall brackets and train your kids in martial arts

Key Points

  • This toddler century MMA bag is amazingly designed, and the chain loops of this bag provides ease to hang it on place of your choice.
  • Multipurpose gloves are offered with this bag. For punching practice and for martial arts practice as well.
  • It absorbs blows because of the padded knuckles.
  • This training bag is best for kids of age 6 or older .

These were some of the best century heavy bags. But there are many more and we know that. Let us know what more Century Hanging Punching Bags should we add to our list in the comments below.

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