Will Any Magnet Work as a Treadmill Magnetic Key?

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Most of the advanced treadmills come with a magnetic key as their component. This key comprises a small magnet along with a cord, which is then attached to a slot on the console of the machine. This magnet acts as a circuit breaker for the treadmill. The machine stops working, the instant the magnet is detached from the slot. 

Why Magnet Key? The Function of the Safety Treadmill Key

The key serves the purpose of safety on the treadmill. Whenever the runner slips or goes out of balance, the cord (clipped on the runner’s clothes from one end and attached to the magnet from the other) pulls the magnet away. The key separates from the slot and the circuit breaks, causing the machine to stop instantly and preventing injuries.  

As important as its role in the functioning and safety of a treadmill, people, unfortunately, lose these keys very often. This leaves their machines unable to operate. So, it is quite clear now that the safety key is the small savior which saves you from embarrassing incidents in the gym.      


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What to Do If the Key is Lost?

People often ask if they can simply replace their magnetic key with any magnet instead of purchasing a new one. The answer depends on the type of treadmill you are using. If you have a model that has a slight dent or a depression, you can use any small magnet.

How to make a DIY Magnetic Treadmill Key

 Let’s learn how easy it is to create your own Treadmill key with the help of a few magnets.

Magnet Key: Things You Will Need:

  • Magnet
  • Sticky tape
  • Id card holder

Treadmill Magnet Key: Procedure to Run Treadmill 

Look around, perhaps you find a small magnet on the door of your refrigerator or inside your drawer. Take it out, make sure it fits in the treadmill lock. Use sticky tape to attach the magnet to the cord that has a clip. An id holder with a string may be used. There you go, you have made a replica of the safety magnet key. Now go test it. Put the key on the slot/notch, the treadmill will turn on. Press the start button and run for your heart.

Watch this video for a detailed tutorial on how to make a magnetic safety key all by yourself.

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If a small magnet does not work, try using a big one. The bigger the magnet, the stronger the force which makes the electricity run in the circuit and causes the machine to operate.   

If your treadmill is the one in which the magnetic key slides into a small slot, you will need to order a replacement key. It is easier(obviously) to order a new key than to shape your magnet so it can fit in the slot. 

Now that you know that a simple magnet can also be used as a safety key in most of the cases, there is no need to sit and wait for days or even weeks for your safety key to be delivered when you can simply make one for yourself.

However, It is suggested that you buy a new replacement key from your local gym equipment supplier or your treadmill manufacturer if you want to use it for a long time. Or you could just get an extra one when you buy your treadmill, it is always good to have a backup. If you can not make a replacement key or make a new one, do not try to open the treadmill up,as this will void your warranty and there is also a danger that you will get electrocuted. 



Bottom-line: Yes Magnet Works with Treadmill Machines

So, if you are out of magnets or have lost the key of your treadmill machine, you can always use the fridge magnet to run the treadmill machine. As long as the magnet is attached to the machine, it will operate as expected. However, as soon as you take back the magnet, the treadmill machine will stop working.

FAQ: Magnet Treadmill Key

Let’s learn about the frequently asked questions by people regarding treadmill magnetic keys.

1. Can I start a treadmill without magnet key?
No. You will need a regular magnet to start the treadmill. The key available with the treadmill machien consists of a small magnet. Since that magnetic key activates the treadmill machine, there is no other way of using the treadmill without it.
However, if you misplace your treadmill key you can always use a regular sized magnet from a toy. Or you can purchase one from your local hardware shop.

2. What if I remove magnet key while the treadmill is running?
If you remove the magnet key while the treadmill is functioning, the treadmill will stop working immediately. This happens because the power to the treadmill gets cut off as soon as the magnet is removed. If you want to turn on the treadmill machine again, just touch the magnet back on the marked area on the treadmill.
Treadmill magnets are attached to clips that you can attach to your shirt. When you are running and if you accidentally get off, or if you get dis-balanced, the treadmill machine will stop automatically when the magnet is removed.

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