This guide will help you find a way to add punching bag in an apartment while decreasing the noise and bag’s footprint

Unlike houses, apartments don’t have a grand patio. Even the living lounge and porch area of an apartment are regular-room length. That’s why thinking of setting a gym in an apartment is complex. Especially adding a punching bag to the ceiling, because the apartment complexes roof-height is small and the person living in the portion above you will be able to feel the impact. Here are top three reasons why adding a punching bag to an apartment ceiling is a bad idea.

Things you will need for Doorway Punching Bag

Things to buy for Wall-mount punching bags

Things to buy for Free Standing Punching Bag

Why a big punching bag for an apartment is a bad idea?

  • Too messy

Unlike a house, where you have a separate room for punching and boxing, inside an apartment the same is actually not possible because of the limited size. You will either hang it in your room, or the lounge or the balcony. In the end, the punching bag will make the room messy because it will be staying in the middle of the room at all hours of the day.

  • Friends won’t stay longer

Unless your friends are too hyped about fitness like you, they aren’t going to stay longer. After all, think how it will look when you invite your friends for dinner and your punching bag is hanging in the middle of the room – the cherry on top, it smells!

  • It will come in the way

And, as said earlier, what if you have a huge tray of cups in your hands and the hanging punching bag gets in your way? What will you do then? ‘Watch the tray!’ Ouch!

But there is a solution. You can still hang a punching bag in the apartment with small tinkering and twisting. Here is how to go about it.

The apartment-punching bags should be:

  • Low noise

Make sure that the punching bag you tend to buy is of high quality and uses polyester-made outer layer. This way it won’t make noise when you hit it. The low-noise bags are great for apartments because neighbors are not disturbed by their presence.

  • Impact resistant

The punching bags are of multiple types and the impact resistant punching bags should be your first choice if you are buying one for an apartment. Due to their ability of impact resistance, the bags are virtually noise-free. One good example of an impact resistant punching bag is of RDX Zero Impact G-Core Maya Hide punch bag

  • Low weight

But as noise alone is not the problem in an apartment, the weight hanging from the ceiling can also become a major hazard. That’s why punching dummy bags of only low weight should be used. There are multiple low-weight bags available ranging from 3feet to 4feet. They usually weight between 30kgs to 40kgs when fully filled.

Where to place the bag in your apartment?

This is the difficult part. The bag should be placed somewhere, where it doesn’t become a hurdle for yourself or your neighbours.

We have provided a few ways that might suit you if you live in a small apartment.

Using the Doorway pullup bar for Hanging the Punching bag

Though people use the doorway pullup bars for performing upper body and lat workouts but a few people only have an idea that these doorway pullup bars can also be a good fit for hanging small punching bags inside apartments.

You will need a doorway pullup bar of sturdy built and a hook that can be fixed to the pullup bar and a chain for hanging the punching bag. The chain may be available with the small-sized punching bag you buy.

Things to buy:

Use a Free-Standing punching bag for Apartments

You can also go for a free standing punching bag instead because it doesn’t take much space and is easier to move. The only problem with free standing punching bags is that you will need to put weight on it so it doesn’t move while you kick it. Another thing to note is that the free standing punching bags are too large at around 7 feet. So, bringing them to your apartment will be a problem, otherwise they are a pretty decent choice for apartments.

Things to buy for Free Standing Punching Bag

Use a Wall-mount Punching Bag for Apartments

The third way to add a punching bag in your apartment is through a wall-mount punching bag. The reason for using a wall-mount punching bag is that it is easier to use and the bag doesn’t take too much space, nor it comes in the way of the residents. The user of the wall-mount punching bags can use them easily because they stay on the side and don’t become a hurdle in daily activities.

Things to buy for Wall-mount punching bags

These are some of the best ways to hang a punching bag in an apartment. Through these ways, you will save more space, and the punching bag won’t come in someone’s way. Moreover, you will be able to use it at your will- No need to keep it hanging at all times. Further, as the punching bag is already of lower weight, you can easily use it in any way you want.

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